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Great Lakes Medical Research, LLC, is owned and governed by its parent company, Westfield Family Physicians, PC. The CEO is a board certified Family Physician with over 25 years experience providing family medicine services to Westfield and surrounding communitiesí residents. The CEO also holds the lead administrative position for both Great Lakes Medical Research and Westfield Family Physicians.
As a community-based research center, the center offers patients opportunities to participate in government and pharmaceutical sponsored phase II, III and IV research studies. Participation in research studies provides patients access to medical treatment for adult chronic illnesses such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension and Type II diabetes mellitus. The center offers studies for other conditions dependent on sponsorships from the government or pharmaceutical industry.
Great Lakes Medical Research, LLC, is a community-based, for-profit medical research center located in Westfield, New York. Founded in 2001, it is the only research center of its kind within a 50-mile radius and is not affiliated with a hospital or academic institution.
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We are currently enrolling patients into clinical trials. See our current trials section of this site, and if you have...