Heart Disease and Cholesterol

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that's found in the fats (lipids) in your blood. While your body needs cholesterol to continue building healthy cells, having high cholesterol can increase your risk of heart disease.

When you have high cholesterol, you may develop fatty deposits in your blood vessels. Eventually, these deposits make it difficult for enough blood to flow through your arteries. Your heart may not get as much oxygen-rich blood as it needs, which increases the risk of a heart attack. Decreased blood flow to your brain can cause a stroke.


Why does cholesterol matter?

High blood cholesterol is a risk factor for coronary heart disease, the higher your blood cholesterol level is the greater your risk of heart disease


Study detail and compensation:

Office visits will typically occur every few months once you complete your qualifying visit. There may be periodic telephone calls throughout the study. Study duration is approximately 4 years.


  • Study-related visits, test and study medication are provided to volunteers at no charge
  • Tests and procedures may include:
    • Blood pressure measurements
    • Height, weight and pulse
    • Laboratory blood draws and analysis
    • Urine sample and analysis
    • EKGs,
  • Some studies provide diaries, educational supplies, and materials at no cost
  • Compensation for time and travel is provided for each study visit that is completed
  • Help others by contributing to medical research

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Currently taking lipid lowering treatment
  • Qualifying LDL/HDL level
  • Be willing and able to commit to study duration and visits.
  • Be willing and able to self-administer sub-cutaneous injection of product.


To inquire whether you qualify for this or any other study, please call Great Lakes Medical Research at (716) 326-4890 or toll free at 1 (877) 326-4567 OR complete a volunteer request form and a staff member will contact you confidentially.


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