The study is designed to last 9 years and includes approximately 28 study visits to research center.

•  Study-related visits, test and study medication are provided to volunteers at no charge

•  Tests and procedures may include:

-  Blood pressure measurements

-  Height, weight, temperature and pulse

-  Laboratory blood draws and analysis

-  Urine sample and analysis

-  Physical Exams

-  EKGs

• Study Medication may include:

-  Febuxostat (Uloric)

-  Allopurinol

-  Colchicine

-  Naproxen

-  Lansoprazoel (Prevacid)

• Compensation for time and travel is provided for each study visit that is completed

• Help others by contributing to medical research


Eligibility Requirements:

•  Diagnosis of gout or gouty arthritis

•  Gout flares

•  Cardiovascular, cerebrovascular or vascular disease


To see whether you qualify for this or any other study, please call Great Lakes Medical Research at (716) 326-4890 or toll free at 1 (877) 326-4567 OR complete a volunteer request form and a staff member will contact you confidentially.


For more information about gout and the study:

Study informational website

National Institute of Arthritis and musculoskeletal and skin diseases


Do you have Gout and Heart disease?

Gout is a serious health condition associated with high levels of uric acid or urate.  When the urate level is high, crystals can form in the joints or other parts of the body. The body’s white blood cells try to get rid of the urate crystals and this process can cause attacks of joint inflammation (swelling or irritation). This is called an acute gout flare and is typically very painful. Individuals with gout may also be at an increased risk of developing medical problems that affect the heart, blood vessels, kidney’s and metabolism.


Study detail and compensation:

This study is designed to enroll men at least 50, and post-menopausal women at least 55, who suffer chronic gout and have experienced a heart attack, hospitalized unstable angina, stroke or complications due to diabetes.

Do you qualify?

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